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Are you dreaming to launch your own business from your home?

If you tried to start an online business from your home andauthor failed several times, you are not alone. Although it is supposed to be very easy, so many people are still struggling and failing for almost the same reason. They usually set all the plan, research and collect relevant information, but when they start to put all the pieces together, none of the parts would fit. Many of them are getting victimized by online opportunists as they desperately look for a legitimate means of getting money online.

At this moment, there is no other business in the world easier than online business. If you have the mindset and readiness, success is right around the corner. This is the type of business that you don’t need to put thousands of dollars of your own money. You don’t need to rent an office or buy materials to launch it. The only thing you need is your mind, your effort and your time.

In this digital world, millions of products are being sold annually and those products worth billions. Personally, I have been buying so many items online and I have been on the consumer side for a very long time. Many of the products are promoted by affiliate marketers and those people earn a chunk of our money in the form of commission payment.

Let’s have an example: Amazon product

Amazon is one of the greatest online retail sites ever created and a large part of their products are sold with the help of an affiliate program. You can create a very simple website, put their product on your website, bring and funnel traffic of visitors to buy the product and earn money out of it. Plain and simple.

Let’s do some Math

If you decide to promote an Amazon product that sells for $300, I am going to show you how that translates to payment. Normally Amazon pays low commission to its affiliates. Although amazon pays low commission, it pays great money as you can direct thousands of traffic to Amazon who eventually become buyers. Whether you promote it or not, that product will sell either by direct Amazon visitors or by affiliates. Look at the simplest pay breakdown below:

  • You will get 6-7% commission on every sale
  • 6/100×300=18. You got $18 dollars on every sale
  • Out of millions of browsers, let’s assume you get 10 people visiting your website daily and eventually buy the product from Amazon (very practical)
  • 18×10=180, you got $180 per day and 180×30=5400, $5400 per month

Remember, this is not your full time job yet and you are committing only a few hours every day. Think about the figures that you will earn when you create a second, third and more websites promoting other products. When money starts to flow to your PayPal account in thousands, chances are high you will be full time on this business. Although it is not your product and you don’t involve in the whole process of shipment, you get your share for directing people to buy the product.

The above example is just to show you how affiliate and commission work, not to confine you to Amazon program. There are thousands of affiliate programs that allow you to promote their products. Many of them pay higher commissions and sometimes you get more money that the sellers themselves. If you are promoting an online service or downloadable program, chances are higher that you get more money than the sellers themselves.

Unlike opening a restaurant, a grocery store or a boutique, you aren’t investing your own money here. And of course, you don’t need to hire employees for your business. The things you need are your computer and the internet. On the top of these advantages, you don’t have to be a computer expert or a JAVA specialist to build your own website and promote product and make money out of it. Back in college, I majored Biology and never took any computer training in the past. At this level, I found this field very easy that could be built, maintained and optimized without being a computer nerd.

Frankly, it was not an easy job for me to build this framework. I wandered around for very long time unable to push the START button. I spent long time researching about who is legitimate and who is a scam. Finally, my patience and determination to succeed eventually paid off. I found the right educational site who could show me how to set the foundations of online business. Regardless of how much I lacked computer expertise, I mastered everything in less than a month and I am at a level of showing others the road to success.



 Getting Started

The good news is; you don’t have to wander the long path I took. I have gathered all the information, knowledge and tools you need to build your simple website, link it to affiliate program and get money in your PayPal account. All those things are part and parcel of your online business that you will need to learn them. We are not talking about space science or aerospace engineering, but simply building an eye catching website that attracts visitors.

What are the steps?

  • The first and most important step is finding a profitable niche (market) where millions of people might be interested in. You might need a little bit of coaching and instruction on how to determine what exactly people are looking online. After determining your audiences, you will get the best product or online services that satisfy their demand. Your niches might fall in men’s health, losing weight, curing migraine headache, making a movie, skills of copywriting, lifestyle, beauty, sport accessories, books, making a website, driving online traffic and many more.
  • Once you know what your website is going to promote, build your website few minutes. When I say website, I mean your domain that people are going to type on the address bar. The actual look of your website will eventually take longer to customize, put contents and make it attractive. All the procedures are included in the training courses I am going to show you.
  • When you think about your website, you should always look for a place to host it. Each domain (website) needs a hosting company that acts as a remote server to store your online data. Fortunately, Wealthy Affiliate provides free hosting to your websites.  
  • Now a day, customizing a website is getting really easy with the introduction of WordPress Plugin. You will get thousands of eye catching themes, menu bars, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugin. SEO is a program you will attach to your website that makes your website searchable in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.
  • Like every other website, you will have content in different pages. In one of your pages you will off course detail the product you want to promote.
  • One of the greatest thing I want you to learn is actually how to drive traffic to your website. By having good content in your website, choosing good keywords, putting the SEO plugin and neat website, google is going to love you and place your website on their first page every time someone types your keywords.
  • We are in social media time and every single minute people are scrolling pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other social media sites. It gets easier for you to inject your website to those media and such all the traffic to land on your page. Out of those thousands of visitors to your website, you need few buyers to make a decent life for yourself.

Who got the best training?

Here, I am going to share my personal experience and don’t get me wrong if my explanation is subjective. It is based on my good experience with the program and I am going to share my assessment. I tried the program myself and I found it perfect in coaching anyone who intend to build an online business.

Among other decent online educational sites, I found Wealthy Affiliate as the best community with 100% support team. To make things short, let me outline the advantages you will get when you join Wealthy Affiliate:front-page-wa

  • When you join in the free member area, you will be able to get free hosting for two web sites. Basically, you can launch full capacity online business without spending a dime. No worries about the procedures of creating a domain, setting WordPress, setting a theme, putting content and injecting SEO plugin as you will get detailed video training in the free membership area.
  • If you decide to go premium, your service got extra support from the whole community within Wealthy Affiliate. Premium members get free hosting up to 25 websites, thousands of themes, 24/7 support, online chat with support desk, online help from thousands of members and occasionally personal contact with Kyle and Carson (owners).
  • As a premium member, you may pay less than one dollar per day and enjoy the whole package. Frankly, there is no any other business you can run by spending only one dollar per day.
  • Premium members get all the video training throughout the whole process of building your business. Those trainings make you master of WordPress, dashboard control panel, SEO, searching for lucrative niche (market), perfect use of social media and synchronizing each piece of your business.

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